• Briony May

Mixing it up - experimenting with flavour combinations

One of my favourite things about baking is the fun you can have coming up with different flavour combinations. You can take a average shortcrust tart and turn it into something remarkable that your family and friends will talk about for months to come (or days at the very least!).

I found this website a while back and it has helped me no end when I want to mix it up and try something new: . I tend to pick a fruit I want to use in the bake then pick a few of the flavour matches to go with it, like the following...

* Balsamic strawberry, balsamic, pistachio and dark chocolate traybake

* Orange, amaretto, thyme and mascarpone cheesecake

* Blood orange, fennel and dark chocolate tart

Give it a try and let me know what you come up with!

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